For Someone I Love



For someone who has been in my life

Thanks for giving me so much lesson about the lie that are meaningul.

Changing my views on life that i live

I’m sorry, why don’t know who you are a long time ago

but I promise to love you for a long time


Do you know? I’m sad, remembering the scandal about you with that girl a few years ago

I hope it will never happen again

And if one day, you have a woman you love, may not be such a scandal like that


At the moment I can only say

Please continue to be Eunhyuk of Super Junior who have been familiar

Do not ever change, stay healthy, and i hope you get a mate who can make you and all of your fans will happy.. someday.


For someone who has a lot of change my life

Happy birthday..

I hope you always have a wonderful day every single day forever

I will always support and loving you

Honestly i’m not a girl who can make a beautiul words but, you know?

This is all of what i feel right now, I LOVE YOU.




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